Newark Venture Partners identifies, invests in, and supports best in class B2B software founders from all over the country as they build innovative solutions for some of today’s most complex business challenges. We lead or participate in Seed rounds with investments up to $2 million.

We work within our family of engaged corporate partners and alongside our full-time growth team to source, vet and add-value to investments.  This approach leads to stronger relationships between our portfolio and decision-makers within our corporate community, where our partners have additional incentives to champion technologies grown under their mentorship at NVP.

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Learn how NVP Labs is helping founders from across the country

February 27th
and 28th, 2020


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An off-site, slope-side networking event, hosted by Newark Venture Partners. Peak Pitch brings together 40+ seed and series A investors with 60+ quality, curated founders for networking and informal pitches on the slopes.

Market Maps x NVP

We are B2B generalists and software specialists. We have developed in-depth investment market maps for areas where we have the ability to leverage the expertise of corporate investment partners.  These focus areas include Supply Chain, Healthtech, and Audio/Voice or “Soundscape” markets. To learn more about our investments in these verticals, visit our portfolio page.

Featured Companies

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Approach to Portfolio Support:

We invest in companies that can benefit from our hands-on and individually-tailored approach to growth. NVP companies have access to a team of industry expert coaches, NVP’s corporate partners and their C-suite decision makers, our investment/venture capital networks, and a full-time in-house growth team, led by Kevin Petry.

Meet Kevin Petry and read more about our Growth Philosophy HERE.
  • "The NVP team's depth of knowledge, experience and know-how has been an incredible asset to Clockwork as our growth has accelerated. Their coaching has reshaped the way we pursue larger investments and refined our sales process - leading to significant outbound sales campaigns.  Their feedback and insight on our website and potential press opportunities have been very valuable and have resulted in more inbound sales as well."

    Sascha B Peyer, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Clockwork Logistics Systems

  • "The team at Newark Venture Partners fights for their brands. Their support, guidance, and network has helped accelerate our growth."

    Sam Caucci, Founder and CEO, 1Huddle

  • Working with Kevin and the NVP team has really helped me connect the mission of Kiira Health with the needs of the schools, students and customers that we want to serve. His mentorship has helped us build a scalable sales process that will grow with our company, and build relationships with clients that are now really rooting for our success.

    Crystal Evuleocha, Founder and CEO,
    Kiira Health

From the Founders:
1 Washington Park, 7th Floor Newark, NJ 07102

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