Announcing the Inaugural Newark Venture Partners Accelerator Class

This has been an eventful first year at Newark Venture Partners. We opened our 25,000 sqft co-working space (with super high-speed internet) in Q1 2016. Then, we announced the initial close of the fund in May and began making our first Seed and Series A investments. Today we are excited to have launched the NVP Labs Accelerator and are excited to be showcasing the companies in our inaugural accelerator class.

The 9 companies in our class are participating in a 3-month long program that runs from September — November 2016. We have developed a focused curriculum and built out a support network to help our companies develop and scale. Furthermore, our corporate Limited Partners Audible, Dun & Bradstreet and Prudential Financial have opened up their employee rosters to be mentors for our companies. Additionally, we have built an on-site team of ‘In-Residence Experts’ to support our accelerator companies, including developers, designers, business associates, and sales consultants.

And now, announcing the first Newark Venture Partners Labs Accelerator class…

Alphachannel — Alphachannel is an online marketplace that enables marketers to find and engage top-tier creative studios and production companies.

Barkly — Barkly is a service for pet owners to arrange on-demand pet care in a few taps. Customers are matched with local, background-checked and trained dog walkers to take out their dogs in as little as 60 minutes notice.

Bowtie — Bowtie is a plug and play chatbot solution for any business on any messaging platform. Bowtie bots allow users to order food, book appointments or purchase items from SMB’s seamlessly over SMS, Facebook Messenger and voice enabled communication channels.

Dream Forward — Dream Forward sells 401(k) plans with new technology designed to help employees get over whatever excuse they have for why they can’t save for retirement.

KiDCASE — KiDCASE is the only smart case with built in parental controls for the Apple iPad — helps developers code more and debug less. Developers that use nativetap fix bugs up to 70% faster.

Navinata Health — Navinata Health conveniently educates today’s busy physicians about innovative life saving & life extending therapies.

Sales Huddle — Sales Huddle engages employees through daily training games that companies can customize to their brand and be played in under 5 minutes a day.

UpChannel — UpChannel connects smartphone manufacturers with their customers, enabling recurring relationships and data-driven insight through a native mobile app.

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