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investment highlight: Compyl

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Dan Borok

investment highlight: Compyl

In today’s rapidly changing and complex regulatory landscape, the significance of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions cannot be overstated. As cyber threats loom larger and regulatory requirements become increasingly stringent, companies face an imperative to fortify their defenses and ensure compliance with evolving standards. 

Recognizing this as a significant and growing pain point for enterprises – and with a strong footing in the market through our thesis on vertical software and financial services –  nvp recently invested in Compyl, a trailblazing GRC software provider poised to revolutionize how businesses navigate risk and compliance challenges. 

While we had been tracking the compliance space, it wasn’t until we met Compyl co-founders Stas and Simon that we developed the conviction to make an investment.  Stas Bojoukha and Simon Shaddock both bring years of experience in InfoSec to Compyl, combined with a bias to action that led them to solve a problem they saw firsthand.  They also have a great founder bond, having worked together in financial services infosec before starting Compyl.

Stas and Simon saw that many existing options in the space are either point solutions focused on specific use cases such as audits or vendor management, or they are enterprise-grade solutions with price points impractical for smaller businesses. Compyl offers a single pane of glass solution that also leverages GenAI and LLMs to deliver real world value.

At the heart of Compyl’s value proposition lies its ability to streamline risk tracking and compliance actions. From risk and incident management to policy and contract oversight, Compyl offers a unified platform that empowers organizations to navigate regulatory environments with ease. Real-time data integrations further enhance visibility, enabling proactive risk mitigation and informed decision-making.  

One of Compyl’s key differentiators lies in its utilization of AI-driven automation to enhance risk management and policy enforcement. By proactively identifying risks and generating mitigation strategies, Compyl empowers InfoSec teams to stay ahead of emerging threats. Moreover, its intuitive interface and flexible reporting capabilities ensure seamless integration into existing workflows, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

In addition to having a stellar founding team, and the right product at the right moment- we are excited to partner with a great investor group. We joined our friends at Armory Square as co-lead investors in this seed round, and were excited to partner with existing investor Contour Ventures who is now a 3x co-investor across our portfolio. As the GRC market continues to expand – with projections reaching $134B by 2030 – Compyl is well-positioned to grow within the SME market and, we believe it will have the opportunity to move upmarket to larger enterprises. 

We believe that by empowering businesses to navigate risk and compliance challenges with confidence, Compyl can reshape the future of GRC and set new standards for excellence in the digital age. 

by Dan Borok and Chika Ogele

nvp investment highlight: compyl

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