Insights and inspiration from nvp’s inaugural agm

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Vaughn Crowe

Insights and inspiration from nvp’s inaugural agm

This June our team at nvp marked a significant milestone for our firm as we hosted our inaugural annual general meeting (agm). The event left our LPs, founders, and community members with a renewed sense of pride and commitment to our mission: supporting best-in-class founders in building the next generation of software companies.

Highlights from the Day

Dynamic Panel Discussion

One of the standout moments was a lively panel discussion featuring Eden Full Goh, founder and CEO of Mobot, Joe Kitonga, Founder and CEO of Vitable Health, and Sean Creeley Founder of Podsights, which was acquired by Spotify in 2022. 

The conversation covered various topics, from fundraising to unique business pain points, company inspirations, and the future of artificial intelligence. Eden spoke about how nvp’s early support empowered her to build a solid team and sales machine, and how our partners continue to walk the journey with her as Mobot grows. Sean told the audience about getting no’s from 50 different investors who did not understand the market before “nvp took a chance on us.” That chance paid off less than 12 months later when Sean sold Podsights to Spotify. And Joe, a recent addition to our portfolio of founders, spoke about the importance of feeling connected to investors who believe in his mission of improving access to healthcare.  The discussion was lively and candid – and we are exceedingly proud to have these incredible founders within our portfolio.

We look forward to continuing our work with them as they grow their businesses (and we hope to see Sean back as a repeat founder in the future!).

Fireside Chat with Frank Bisignano

Our event also featured an honest and humorous fireside chat between nvp’s managing partner Vaughn Crowe and Frank Bisignano, Chairman, President, and CEO of Fiserv, Inc.  Some of the key takeaways from Frank included:

  • His secret to success. As he moved through the ranks at JPMorgan and previous positions, he lived by the idea that “No one will outwork me.”  This is a line to live by, and we at nvp work to embody Frank’s work ethic. 
  • He shared his belief that “healthcare and payments never die.” Frank’s validation of two of nvp’s core themes energized our team as we focus on these critical sectors and industrial resilience.
  • Frank declared his love of founders for their drive, their passion, and their creative problem-solving. We see these founders daily at nvp, and we agree that they are often the visionaries shaping our future. 

Renewed Focus on fintech, healthtech, and industrial resilience: 

In addition to our esteemed guests, we were also proud to have our nvp principals Sean Simons and Skylar Dorosin and Associate Chika Ogele present on our thematic focuses, and highlight of some of our top-performing portfolio companies in each area. 

  • Following Vaughn’s discussion with Frank, Skylar dove into the $1.1 trillion market opportunity we are exploring in fintech, with a hyper-focus on vertical fintech, compliance and regulatory technology, and insurance.
  • Sean used his unique experiences in blue-collar industries to share an insider perspective on industrial automation. He gave an impassioned presentation on how global trends like energy innovation, AI, and a need for stronger workforce efficiency are impacting businesses throughout the supply chain. 
  • Chika spoke about our thesis in healthcare and why we are focusing on the social determinants of health, improving workflow tooling, and developing alternative care models. 

Continued connection to our community:
Before the event closed, we were thrilled to announce that Braven, a national non-profit that works to solve the education-to-employment gap for low-income and underrepresented college students, will receive carried interest nvp’s fund iii.  The Braven Fellows were on hand during the day, helping the event run smoothly and learning about opportunities in their fields of software development and supply chain management. The Boys and Girls Club Newark, which was granted carried interest in fund ii,  was also on hand.  These relationships illustrate nvp’s win-win model of giving back to the community through successful investments.

Learn more and stay connected!

The event brought together approximately 100 attendees –   investors, prospective investors, founders, and friends to learn about nvp’s national investment platform backing extraordinary founders solving real problems.  It was an honor to receive so much support from all the attendees on our strategy, which we will continue to execute. 

For those who could not attend the event, we are happy to catch you up on the day’s activities and our firm’s future. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. We look forward to continuing our journey together, driving innovation, and securing outsized returns for our partners.

If you’d like to learn more about nvp or receive a link to the presentation, please email Jennifer at

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