new year, new look: nvp’s 2024 vibrant new brand

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Vaughn Crowe

new year, new look: nvp’s 2024 vibrant new brand

In the dynamic world of venture capital, newark venture partners (nvp) emerged from 2023 as a catalyst for innovation. Throughout the year, we deployed capital from our sophomore fund, nvp ii, using a refined strategic approach, and we were met with heightened success across the board, as demonstrated by our exciting new core investments in HomeVision, Upwell, Vulcan, Mesh, and Volition. Today, we are unveiling a vibrant new brand identity to match our renewed passion and hustle as we embark on the next chapter for nvp. 

A year of evolution

Since I joined nvp as a managing partner in 2020, we have seen the success of our refined, thematic investing strategy begin to pay off, and we have continued to build a comprehensive point of view in B2B software, with an acute focus on fintech, healthtech, and industrial automation.  

Our evolution involves integrating the best of our past endeavors with a forward-looking approach, positioning us to endorse extraordinary founders shaping the next generation of software companies destined to change the world. Our thematic investment approach, experienced leadership, prepared mindset, diversity of thought, and robust network position nvp strongly for the future.

Looking ahead to 2024

As we began to write the third chapter of our firm, we needed to revisit how the world sees nvp.  It is critical that our core values- authenticity, compassion, curiosity, diversity, relentlessness, and togetherness – are reflected not only in the way we do business but also in the way we are viewed through our partnerships and communities.   We began to dream up a new brand that would visually represent these values, breathing life and color into the fabric of nvp’s identity.

nvp’s new look

We worked with Avantika Agarwal, a partner with Superliminal, a New York City-based design studio. We asked her to get to know us as we developed the new branding to ensure that it captured our team, mission, history, and aspirations. 

As Avantika guided us through the process, we were able to hone in on some themes that were especially important to us.  Today, our new brand is centered on a bright, energetic orange circle – a symbol of wholeness and unity, celebrating the collaborative and tightly-knit team.  It also acts as a north star anchoring the new lowercase nvp monogram, which is bold, confident, humble, and distinctive. Our lowercase monogram is about being a little different, quirky even – and it’s about attracting founders who, like us, see the world through their unique lens. 

Our head of communications, Jen Solomon also worked closely alongside Avankita and me to ensure that the new branding mirrored our message to our partners and the larger ecosystem. The nvp circle exists as part of a connected galaxy. Our forward-thinking and visionary LPs are key partners in all we do, while our stellar founders innovate the future of enterprise software alongside us.  Our communities remain critical components of who we are and what we stand for.  We strive to be excellent partners to all in the nvp universe. 

Our new brand is action-oriented and full of hustle, just like us. nvp doesn’t sit on the sidelines; we are there with you – our partners – on the field every minute of the game.

As we kick off 2024, we are excited to share this bold new brand with the world as we continue backing visionary founders shaping the future of enterprise software. This refreshed look is not just a visual transformation; it symbolizes our dedication to innovation, themes that captivate our attention, and a clear strategic path. This year, we will take the next step in our journey, pursuing excellence for our team and all those in our galaxy: our founders and investors, our communities, and our carried interest partners at Boys & Girls Clubs of Newark and Braven. Our goals, as a North America-focused venture capital firm rooted in the community, remain leading or co-leading impactful seed-stage investments, championing the highest caliber founders, and providing steadfast support to our portfolio. We invite you, the excellent and the extraordinary, to join us as we help create the future of business. 

Click around and check out the new website. Let us know what you think.

It’s a vibe at nvp…cheers to the new year!

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