NVP Commentary on FreightWaves: The Future of Logistics

As one of the largest world-class logistic hubs, Newark, New Jersey is strategically situated between the Port of Newark and the Port of Elizabeth and Newark Liberty International Airport, efficiently moving millions of tons of freight each year. Together, Port Newark and Port Elizabeth comprise the second-largest port in the U.S. and can handle north of 2 million containers per year, and three mega-ships simultaneously.  The combined ports are also home to hundreds of trucking companies, numerous warehouses, and unparalleled rail capacity. As the ports of entry for cars manufactured all over the world, with a storage capacity of nearly 25,000 cars spread across hundreds of acres, they are the ports of choice for international auto companies. Add to that mix Newark Airport, which consistently ranks in the top 10 of U.S. freight airports, moving slightly less than one million tons in 2019, and it becomes clear why Newark is the go-to logistic hub for the entire Northeast....

Read Dan Crain's full commentary on FreightWaves.


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