Welcome To NVP: Our team is growing!

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NVP Staff

Welcome To NVP: Our team is growing!

Following the close of our second fund last year, we have been focused on building our team to continue our thematic investment work, meet with great founders and support our portfolio companies.  We’re super excited to announce that we’ve added two new team members and have grown roles within our existing team.  

Please join us in welcoming Kiswana Browne and Chika Ogele to the NVP family.  Their cumulative experiences, unique perspectives, and investment acumen is clear to us, and will be additive to our team.  They’ve already hit the ground running – and we look forward to celebrating their wins.  We’re also really pleased to congratulate Sean Simons on his recent promotion to Associate.  Kiswana, Chika, and Sean are core parts of our investment team, focused on leading sector research and partnering with founders.

Kiswana Browne and Chika Ogele

As thematic investors, we were intent on building a team that is intellectually curious and will lead us in our roadmap-driven research approach to sourcing and investing. We were also keen to add team members with experience as operators and founders, which both Kiswana and Chika bring to the table as both have founded startups.  Additionally, Kiswana brings strong experience in financial services from Plug & Play Ventures, and you can check out her fintech-focused VC Collab blog here!  Chika joins us from Eight Sleep where he focused on operations and supply chain (and is now our resident sleep expert!), and started his career at Goldman Sachs.  And for those of you who know Sean, he has quickly built one of the stronger networks in the early-stage supply chain and logistics space.

Congratulations to  Chika, Kiswana and Sean! We’re lucky to have them as we continue to grow our team and firm. We hope you will join us in welcoming them on LinkedIn, email, or even IRL! 

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